Using a fish-finder on a kayak – the basics

I am an ardent angler who enjoys fishing while kayaking. Actually it is double the fun fishing on a kayak. Recently my father told me that I should get a fish finder to have a fruitful fishing experience. I looked for this useful gadget everywhere but, I always ended up zeroing on a giant fish finder which would hardly fit on my sleek and slim kayak. So, I started looking for a fish-finder that is specially manufactured for kayaks. After 3 days’ extensive search I finally got a fish-finder that fitted perfectly on my kayak.  Believe me, my capturing capacity has doubled since then and I am always getting the biggest fish tuning my mates green with envy.

When I was looking for a suitable fish-finder, I came up with many things that I had to consider. I am listing down the same for you to buy a perfect partner for kayak fishing.

This is the most important things to consider since you will be getting all the vital information about your target through the display. You must find the fish finder having screen maximum up to 6 inches. If you get anything bigger it will take up a lot of space on the slim kayak or may not even get installed properly.


Sleek and minimum control buttons

Getting a lot of control buttons and options in a fish-finder will increase its size, bulkier and make it difficult to operate . Check for a fish-finder that has all the needed options with least  number of sleek buttons.


Power Source

Yes! A kayak mounted fish finder needs a power source. The ideal situation is that you put a regular marine battery in a waterproof enclosure and connect the wires to the transducer and screen. Waterproofing of the battery is important in a small boat like kayak to protect sudden disruption in your fishing trip.



Transducer is the heart of a fish-finder that announces all the good news about the best catch you can have.  But the thing you must consider is how easily mountable the transducer is. The golden rule to check is to get it straight out of the box and mount it inside the hull or attach it through the pipe in the scupper hole. Check for a model that gives a suction cup to mount it either on one side or rear of the kayak.

These are the few points that helped me in getting my perfect kayak fish finder. I hope this works for all you anglers there. Happy fishing!