RV GPS or RV phone app?

Ever since I have bought my Recreational Vehicle, I had been arguing over whether to buy an RV GPS or keep tracking the trips with my Smartphone app. Let me first discuss the benefits of an RV GPS.

  • RV GPS units are the gadget by many ardent RV travellers to find their way in  unknown and unvisited places since they come loaded with maps of various regions with little or no subscription fee. You will hardly be stranded anywhere.
  • RV GPSs are designed for a huge vehicle like an RV. Considering the weight and size of these vehicles the GPS will let you have complete information about right roads, repair shops, fuel refills, camping , parking, recreational activities, or restaurants.
  • It will also show you the correct paths to follow, by following the RV permitted roads and bridges to avoid unwanted accidents, blockages or traffic tickets.
  • You don’t require some elaborate setup on an RV GPS before you start using it.
  • You have to spend money on this RV accessory.
  • You have to keep the map database updated.


Now coming to an RV Phone app there are certain advantages as well as disadvantages Let me discuss both

  • The first advantage is cutting down on the expenses. You don’t need to buy any special gadget. You regular Smartphone will works as the guide when you download and setup an RV app.
  • The Smartphone come with limited display area. It may not fit the size or clarity requirements that you feel about display while driving a big RV.
  • You have to depend on a third party app. If the company changes its payment terms or facilities, you may feel stuck. I have seen many apps that promise huge deals at the time of signup but later when you get accustomed to the app, they start demanding exorbitant charges for the same services.
  • Since an app is not created for a special device like RV GPS it may have a different feel on different screen resolutions. It may not be supported by your device after some upgrade or version update.
  • You may have to spend a good amount of time in setting up this app for the specifications of your RV.

So according to my experience, I trust the RV GPS ( especially the ones with backup camera) rather than the RV phone app due to the technicalities and the special needs of an RV. If I enjoy the luxury of travelling in a home like an RV, I don’t hesitate to spend some extra bucks on this handy device for me and my family’s comfort.