My New Roof Top Tent – The Best Purchase I Ever Made

I always wanted to buy a roof top tent as I am addicted to travelling in a vehicle. After a lot of research, I finally bought a CVT Mt. McKinley Rooftop Tent.

CVT Mt. McKinley Rooftop Tent is a large tent and weighs 186 lbs. Its dimensions are 87″ Width x 132″ Length x 50″ Height when opened and 87″ Width x 48″ Length x 14″ Height when it is closed. It has a big mattress of 2.5 inch zip covered with foam pad, enough for me to sleep comfortably. The tent has a privacy wall that ensures some privacy when travelling with my family. The dual mattress provided enough space for my family of four to sleep comfortably without any discomfort.

The CVT Mt. McKinley Rooftop Tent is an easy to use tent. I find it very easy to get in and get out of it. The two nylon handles are long and permit a good pull when climbing up. The spacious tent provides me enough space to store my sleeping gear all the time. What I like most about my tent is that even after I stored my 2 oversized bags, 4 pillows and blankets, it had enough space to store more items. I even stored extra tires and still had some extra space to tug in a few more things.


The zippers are of good quality and it is very easy to open and close them. The whole tent is designed keeping in mind the comfort of its user. The main features of the CVT Mt. McKinley Rooftop tent are two doors, two ladders, privacy wall to be used whenever you require, annex fabric matching with the tent, an annex room with removable PVC floor and an access door on the annex.

The materials used in the tent are of high quality. The base is an aluminum frame which is very solid and can withstand hard weather. The sheets and insulated foam are made up of good quality material.

The fabric used is Polly/Cotton material with PU coating. The fabric is breathable and mold resistant with UV protection which keeps my family safe and free from sun’s rays. The waterproof polyester material provides extra protection from showers.

I was able to set up the tent very quickly. I locked the ladder at 70 degree angle and this prevented the tent from sliding up when climbing and down. At the end  of a tiring day that involved lots of travelling, my family slept comfortably in my newly acquired CVT Mt. McKinley Rooftop Tent.