How to make yogurt more attractive for kids


Yogurt is known as the “Grow Food”. Yogurt contains a lot of nutrients, proteins and calcium that are necessary for the growth of kids. Yogurt contains the living organisms named probiotics. Eating yogurt helps in preventing diarrhea and constipation and also helps in regulating your digestive system. That’s why it is good to add yogurt to your daily diet plan, especially for kids.

But do kids enjoy eating plain yogurt? The answer may be a big NO. Most mothers around the world find it difficult to include yogurt in their kid’s daily diet plan. So what can we do to make it more attractive for kids? The best and easiest way to make kids eat yogurt is to make attractive dishes using curd to lure them.

I always try to make some attractive and good looking dishes with yogurt so that kids are attracted to it. Most kids love eating fruit smoothies. I mix some fresh yogurt with milk and fruits and add some juice along with nut butter and honey. My kids just love it and eat a good amount of yogurt without any fuss.

Sometimes, I make some changes and mix fruits with yogurt. Kids are always fond of fruits like mangoes. I take some fresh mangoes and make mango puree. Then I mix sugar, honey, nuts and yogurt. A sweetened version of fresh fruit yogurt is ready. I keep it in the freezer to cool for some time and then give it to the kids. They just loved the new variety of fruit yogurt.


Kids always love dishes that are colorful and attractive. Today, it is easy to buy flavored yogurt from shops. I mix vanilla flavored yogurt with some cocoa powder and sugar and then keep the dish in the fridge for a few hours. It looks attractive can give you an attractive dish that kids would love to eat after coming from school. You can also add yogurt with freshly cut fruits like mangoes, strawberries, cut grapes and cherries to make it attractive and colorful. You can add some fruit syrup that your kids love most to give it a flavor they love.

I always try different methods to present yogurt in an attractive way, so that my kids consume a good amount of yogurt which is essential for their growth. If you are ready to spend a few hours browsing the internet, you can find hundreds of attractive ways to present yogurt to kids that will make them not only consume the yogurt but also ask you for more.