Foot treatment at home vs. foot treatment at the spa


The feet are the most hardworking body parts since they take us to places and carry our weight around. When you call it a day, you want some way to relax your tired feet and of course, the stress accumulated throughout the day. If you place your feet in a hot water after a hectic day, it not only eases the discomfort of your feet but also takes away the load off your shoulders.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be if you could enjoy the luxury of foot spa every day.  But, you might have to spend all your paycheck if you want to enjoy this luxurious service every day from a professional spa. So for those of you whose life involves running around the whole day, an economical option is to get a foot spa kit at home and see how cool the life actually is.

Foot treatment at home

  • If you are on a limited budget, then the best option is to get a foot treatment at home
  • It is a hygienic way to relax your feet since you will not be sharing the tools and kit with anyone else. It will also eliminate any risk of getting a skin infection.
  • You can save a lot of time since you don’t have to manage your tight schedule to squeeze in a visit to foot spa professional. Just tune in your favourite TV soap, place your feet in spa tub and wash away your feet blues.
  • You can enjoy the foot spa therapy at home as frequently as you want with no limit on the duration of each spa treatment.


Foot treatment at the spa

  • A foot treatment at home lacks the professional touch that makes a lot of difference to the way you relax. Of course, specialised care comes at a hefty price.- see here more things.
  • Although the profession foot spas promise absolute cleanliness, but still hygiene cannot be hundred percent guaranteed. You may catch an unwanted infection either through the tools or the cosmetics used.
  • You will be bound to the appointment scheduled. If you miss it you may have to reschedule may be after some days. In certain cases you may lose the advance payment if you cannot make to the spa on appointed time due to something unexpected urgency at home or workplace.
  • You cannot make it a group activity if you have a group of buddies whom you love to hang out with.

If you ask me I prefer a foot treatment at home watching my favourite TV show with my friends and at my own free time.