Choosing Bait and Lures for Bass Fishing

For me, choosing the bait and lures for fishing is as enjoyable as fishing. There are a number of varieties of baits available on the market. Personally, I prefer using plastic worms. I also like using spinner baits and crank baits.

Choosing the ideal lure and bait largely depends upon the type of fishing technique you would like to use. If you like to do power fishing, then you can go for crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Using fast retrieves, it can create reaction strikes that attract the bass towards it. For someone who is fond of finesse presentation, choosing more natural looking baits is the best option for catching bass.

The best baits that are available on the market are Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits and Plastic Worms. Spinnerbaits and Crankbaits can cover a large area in a short period of time. When spinnerbaits start their action, the bass will only see the movements from the blade and will come quickly to grab it. Crankbaits are versatile and is the perfect choice for various environments. I have a stock of various sizes of crankbaits, which will come handy when you are going to a big lake to catch some bass.

The most versatile and effective bass lure is the plastic worm. I am a huge fan of plastic worms and they are definitely the number one in my list of plastic worms. They look like live baits and because of that reason bass is attracted by them. The bass considers the plastic worm more as a natural food. There are numerous options for choosing the perfect plastic worms. You can get plastic worms in various sizes, colors, and designs.


When you are using plastic worm as a lure for fishing bass, you should choose the slow method of fishing. Plastic worm lure is not for those who prefer the fast way of fishing. I am not a huge fan of power fishing, therefore I love using plastic worm for fishing. When using plastic worm for fishing, I needed to show more patience. I always have to keep my line straight for getting better sensitivity.  When a bass gets hold of my plastic worm, I get a sensation on my hand and I use all my energy to keep hold of my rod and to keep my hook as straight as possible.

I also like to use live baits for catching bass whenever it is available. Bass are lovers of live bait and if I can get some nice, juicy earthworms, I can use them for catching bass.