My New Roof Top Tent – The Best Purchase I Ever Made

I always wanted to buy a roof top tent as I am addicted to travelling in a vehicle. After a lot of research, I finally bought a CVT Mt. McKinley Rooftop Tent.

CVT Mt. McKinley Rooftop Tent is a large tent and weighs 186 lbs. Its dimensions are 87″ Width x 132″ Length x 50″ Height when opened and 87″ Width x 48″ Length x 14″ Height when it is closed. It has a big mattress of 2.5 inch zip covered with foam pad, enough for me to sleep comfortably. The tent has a privacy wall that ensures some privacy when travelling with my family. The dual mattress provided enough space for my family of four to sleep comfortably without any discomfort.

The CVT Mt. McKinley Rooftop Tent is an easy to use tent. I find it very easy to get in and get out of it. The two nylon handles are long and permit a good pull when climbing up. The spacious tent provides me enough space to store my sleeping gear all the time. What I like most about my tent is that even after I stored my 2 oversized bags, 4 pillows and blankets, it had enough space to store more items. I even stored extra tires and still had some extra space to tug in a few more things.


The zippers are of good quality and it is very easy to open and close them. The whole tent is designed keeping in mind the comfort of its user. The main features of the CVT Mt. McKinley Rooftop tent are two doors, two ladders, privacy wall to be used whenever you require, annex fabric matching with the tent, an annex room with removable PVC floor and an access door on the annex.

The materials used in the tent are of high quality. The base is an aluminum frame which is very solid and can withstand hard weather. The sheets and insulated foam are made up of good quality material.

The fabric used is Polly/Cotton material with PU coating. The fabric is breathable and mold resistant with UV protection which keeps my family safe and free from sun’s rays. The waterproof polyester material provides extra protection from showers.

I was able to set up the tent very quickly. I locked the ladder at 70 degree angle and this prevented the tent from sliding up when climbing and down. At the end  of a tiring day that involved lots of travelling, my family slept comfortably in my newly acquired CVT Mt. McKinley Rooftop Tent.


Using a fish-finder on a kayak – the basics

I am an ardent angler who enjoys fishing while kayaking. Actually it is double the fun fishing on a kayak. Recently my father told me that I should get a fish finder to have a fruitful fishing experience. I looked for this useful gadget everywhere but, I always ended up zeroing on a giant fish finder which would hardly fit on my sleek and slim kayak. So, I started looking for a fish-finder that is specially manufactured for kayaks. After 3 days’ extensive search I finally got a fish-finder that fitted perfectly on my kayak.  Believe me, my capturing capacity has doubled since then and I am always getting the biggest fish tuning my mates green with envy.

When I was looking for a suitable fish-finder, I came up with many things that I had to consider. I am listing down the same for you to buy a perfect partner for kayak fishing.

This is the most important things to consider since you will be getting all the vital information about your target through the display. You must find the fish finder having screen maximum up to 6 inches. If you get anything bigger it will take up a lot of space on the slim kayak or may not even get installed properly.


Sleek and minimum control buttons

Getting a lot of control buttons and options in a fish-finder will increase its size, bulkier and make it difficult to operate . Check for a fish-finder that has all the needed options with least  number of sleek buttons.


Power Source

Yes! A kayak mounted fish finder needs a power source. The ideal situation is that you put a regular marine battery in a waterproof enclosure and connect the wires to the transducer and screen. Waterproofing of the battery is important in a small boat like kayak to protect sudden disruption in your fishing trip.



Transducer is the heart of a fish-finder that announces all the good news about the best catch you can have.  But the thing you must consider is how easily mountable the transducer is. The golden rule to check is to get it straight out of the box and mount it inside the hull or attach it through the pipe in the scupper hole. Check for a model that gives a suction cup to mount it either on one side or rear of the kayak.

These are the few points that helped me in getting my perfect kayak fish finder. I hope this works for all you anglers there. Happy fishing!



Foot treatment at home vs. foot treatment at the spa


The feet are the most hardworking body parts since they take us to places and carry our weight around. When you call it a day, you want some way to relax your tired feet and of course, the stress accumulated throughout the day. If you place your feet in a hot water after a hectic day, it not only eases the discomfort of your feet but also takes away the load off your shoulders.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be if you could enjoy the luxury of foot spa every day.  But, you might have to spend all your paycheck if you want to enjoy this luxurious service every day from a professional spa. So for those of you whose life involves running around the whole day, an economical option is to get a foot spa kit at home and see how cool the life actually is.

Foot treatment at home

  • If you are on a limited budget, then the best option is to get a foot treatment at home
  • It is a hygienic way to relax your feet since you will not be sharing the tools and kit with anyone else. It will also eliminate any risk of getting a skin infection.
  • You can save a lot of time since you don’t have to manage your tight schedule to squeeze in a visit to foot spa professional. Just tune in your favourite TV soap, place your feet in spa tub and wash away your feet blues.
  • You can enjoy the foot spa therapy at home as frequently as you want with no limit on the duration of each spa treatment.


Foot treatment at the spa

  • A foot treatment at home lacks the professional touch that makes a lot of difference to the way you relax. Of course, specialised care comes at a hefty price.- see here more things.
  • Although the profession foot spas promise absolute cleanliness, but still hygiene cannot be hundred percent guaranteed. You may catch an unwanted infection either through the tools or the cosmetics used.
  • You will be bound to the appointment scheduled. If you miss it you may have to reschedule may be after some days. In certain cases you may lose the advance payment if you cannot make to the spa on appointed time due to something unexpected urgency at home or workplace.
  • You cannot make it a group activity if you have a group of buddies whom you love to hang out with.

If you ask me I prefer a foot treatment at home watching my favourite TV show with my friends and at my own free time.



Buying a weather radio? Here are my tips

Inventions are the way to improve human life and offer various methods by which we can live a better life. Foremost in the inventions meant for us, the most useful ones are that let us know about the upcoming dangers. I consider the weather radio one of such great inventions that have been useful not only in remote and difficult to reach areas but also to those who enjoy a comfortable or adventurous lifestyle. This one is just like a typical radio you own but is specifically meant to notify you of the adverse weather conditions approaching you.

With this gadget, you are timely alerted so that you can take the necessary steps to save you and your family from the unpredictable disasters in the form of storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, heavy rains or floods. Here are a few tips to make the best purchase in case of a weather radio.

  • Type of weather radio– depending upon the zone where you have your residence, you can buy Weather Band Radio or Weather Alert Radio. The difference between these two is tuning of NOAA weather signal. In the case of the first one you have to tune to a specific station to listen to the streamed warning. In the case of the Weather Alert radio, even if you are not tuned to weather report signal you will get the weather alerts. If you are living in a safe zone then getting Weather Band Radio is sufficient but if you are living in a danger zone then a Weather Alert Radio will keep you updated throughout the day.
  • The power source and backup-The one aspect of a weather radio are that it should be working in all places and conditions. The weather radio must have a durable and dependable power source that should keep the weather reporting active in power outages.
  • Ease of carrying– Well, portability is another important thing to consider since nobody will appreciate a bulky weather radio when moving to safe location becomes the top priority. The portability must be ensured and it includes checking for overall weight, space it takes in after installation and additional accessories it depends on upon.
  • Audibility and alertsThe emergency weather radio must be checked for good audio quality and a range of alerts to let you identify all kinds of weather threats so that you can understand the urgency in little time and head for a safer place.
  • Robustness and functionality- A rugged weather radio will free you from a lot of worries. Check whether the model you are purchasing is good enough to handle all the rough usage as well as the weathers. Its durability is the essential because a weather radio is meant to serve when other things that you rely upon fail in harsh and unexpected weather.

So these are a few points of consideration to make a good weather radio purchase. Stay Safe!

How to make yogurt more attractive for kids


Yogurt is known as the “Grow Food”. Yogurt contains a lot of nutrients, proteins and calcium that are necessary for the growth of kids. Yogurt contains the living organisms named probiotics. Eating yogurt helps in preventing diarrhea and constipation and also helps in regulating your digestive system. That’s why it is good to add yogurt to your daily diet plan, especially for kids.

But do kids enjoy eating plain yogurt? The answer may be a big NO. Most mothers around the world find it difficult to include yogurt in their kid’s daily diet plan. So what can we do to make it more attractive for kids? The best and easiest way to make kids eat yogurt is to make attractive dishes using curd to lure them.

I always try to make some attractive and good looking dishes with yogurt so that kids are attracted to it. Most kids love eating fruit smoothies. I mix some fresh yogurt with milk and fruits and add some juice along with nut butter and honey. My kids just love it and eat a good amount of yogurt without any fuss.

Sometimes, I make some changes and mix fruits with yogurt. Kids are always fond of fruits like mangoes. I take some fresh mangoes and make mango puree. Then I mix sugar, honey, nuts and yogurt. A sweetened version of fresh fruit yogurt is ready. I keep it in the freezer to cool for some time and then give it to the kids. They just loved the new variety of fruit yogurt.


Kids always love dishes that are colorful and attractive. Today, it is easy to buy flavored yogurt from shops. I mix vanilla flavored yogurt with some cocoa powder and sugar and then keep the dish in the fridge for a few hours. It looks attractive can give you an attractive dish that kids would love to eat after coming from school. You can also add yogurt with freshly cut fruits like mangoes, strawberries, cut grapes and cherries to make it attractive and colorful. You can add some fruit syrup that your kids love most to give it a flavor they love.

I always try different methods to present yogurt in an attractive way, so that my kids consume a good amount of yogurt which is essential for their growth. If you are ready to spend a few hours browsing the internet, you can find hundreds of attractive ways to present yogurt to kids that will make them not only consume the yogurt but also ask you for more.



Installing a sump pump – a few tips

Protecting your basement and house on a whole from moisture originating after rain or storm is very difficult. And if you live in a rainy zone, then you have to struggle to keep your house free from round the year moisture and accompanying dampness. To handle woes of homeowners of your kind, a sump pump is the best option. By installing a sump pump in your basement, you can have a complete control over moisture. But before you install a sump pump in your basement, focus on these tips.

Select the right location

Selecting the right location to install a sump pump is the key to the efficiency of this basement waterproofing system. The right location will be the deepest sections of your basement since the slope will make all the water to be collected in the basin before it is pumped out. So the right location is essential for eliminating every possibility of moisture setting in the basement and walls.


Drill additional holes

Sometimes due to uneven surface  the water flow to the basin is not proper and water may deposit here and there. In such cases the proper channels must be defined by digging or drilling to ensure that water does not get collected in any corner of the basement. This is especially true for sump pumps for basements.


Filter the water

A major problem faced by the users is that the basin gets clogged with dirt and silt after some months of installation. A proper filtration system must be added to the sump pump system so that the basin is free from any deposits.

Float valve functions properly

The float valve is the component responsible for initiating the pumping action. The float valve should not have hindered or obstructed movement as the water level rises in basin. Before plugging in the pump, a thorough examination must be done to ensure that the float valve moves smoothly as water accumulates in the basin and turns the pump on for the flushing out process.


Proper pipe joints

The discharge pipe system that takes away accumulated water in basin to the exterior of your home must be carefully fitted at all joints and curves. Any hole or gap in the connections of the pipe, as well as the holes in wall, will result in leakage and failure of sump pump. Fill all the small and big gaps.

These are the little tips to get a perfect sump pump installation. Though very common tricks, but believe me if you take care of these things, your sump pump system will be the greatest protection to add durability to your home. Stay safe next rainy season!



Vegan quesadilla recipes and how to prepare them

Vegan quesadillas are my favorite dishes. They are so easy to prepare, tasty to eat and allow so much room for customization. You can fill them according to your taste or mood and can even experiment with different fillings to invent your own style quesadillas. And I think that is why they are so loved all over the world. Hence I thought why not share two of my unique quesadilla recipes with you today?

So here you go:

Bean quesadilla

(Serves 2 in 18 minutes)

Ingredient :- 1 cup of white beans, 2 tbs. nutritional yeast, 1 teaspoon of white miso paste, ½ teaspoon of ground cumin, 1 teaspoon of tahini, 1tbs. olive oil, 1 clove and garlic, 2 vegan tortillas, 1 chopped tomato, 1 red bell pepper (sliced into strips), 1 finely diced avocado, 2 green onions (cut into rings), Harissa paste (for dip), fresh cilantro and red pepper flakes.

Method :- Put the washed beans, nutritional yeast, miso paste, cumin, garlic, oil, and tahini in a food processor and process them until smooth. Take a separate griddle pan and roast the bell pepper for 4 minutes. Spread the smoothened bean paste on one tortilla and top them with roasted bell pepper, tomato, avocado, green onions, and cilantro. Sprinkle with red pepper flakes and cover it with the other tortilla. Cut it into four and grill or cook in pan until crispy.

Sweet potato quesadillas

(Serves 4 in 30 minutes)

Ingredients :- 2 tbs. vegetable oil, 1 chopped onion, 3 cups of grated sweet potato, 2 cloves and garlic minced, 1 small jalapeno Chile chopped, 2 tbs. of ground cumin, ½ tbs. dried oregano, 1 cup of corn kernels, 4 tortillas

Method :-  Heat the vegetable oil in a large skillet and add onion, garlic, and salt as per your taste. Cover cook these for 8 minutes and then add sweet potato, jalapeno, cumin and oregano and again cover cook it for 10 minutes. Next up add corn and cook for 1 minute or until it is hot.

Now spread the ½ cup of the above filling on ½ of the portion of each tortilla, leaving ½ inch border around the edges and fold them to enclose the filling. Now you may either cook them on the skillet or grill them to suit your preference.

Aren’t they easy  to make lunch? Try them out today and also share the deliciousness with your friends.


Radar detectors should be made legal across the United States


This has been a big debate ever since the radar detectors are available on the market and used by motorists to avoid tickets. I believe that anything that is restricted or constrained gets more attention than it may have generated otherwise.  Adults too are like kids. If you tell a kid not to do a particular thing, he will definitely try the same thing when you are not around. Restriction generates curiosity.

In the case of Radar detectors, my argument for making it legal across the United States is the same. If we find that a technique that helps in saving our money and time and even if it is considered illegal, we will try to devise ways to get the immediate benefit by bending a law or regulation a bit. Bu we may end up causing danger to the people around us.

Radar detectors ( like the ones features in this article) are used by most drivers to get away with speeding in areas where there is no police presence.  These devices are  often illegally used by drivers to detect the presence of radar signals so that they can slow down just in time to avoid a traffic ticket.

Traffic rules are for the safety of the motorist and to manage the traffic on the busy traffic areas. Anyone who breaks the traffic rule is bound to pose a danger to other motorists as well t his own life. I have seen many young drivers who find enjoyment in breaking traffic rule and drive dangerously just to show off their risk-taking attitude.

To handle such nuisance creating individuals it becomes mandatory for the federal government to lay down the rules and regulations to manage traffic as well as save human lives. The Traffic police ensure that the drivers don’t abuse these laws. But that will not be possible by mere act of restricting use of radar detectors

I am of the view that the radar detectors can be a good way to regulate the indirectly if sanely used by the motorists. It does help the people to speed up a bit, to reach their workplaces or homes earlier. But excessive use of it and that too by some habitual traffic rule breakers and rash drivers may be dangerous.

I think that if the radar detectors are allowed legally in the United States, it will curb the illegal manufacturing and sale of these units. This industry is there flourishing, by giving it a legal signal, this can grow as a big industry. But the onus now lies on the educators, traffic department, and parents to teach the people especially young riders to drive safely rather so that don’t have to spend money on such devices.


Choosing Bait and Lures for Bass Fishing

For me, choosing the bait and lures for fishing is as enjoyable as fishing. There are a number of varieties of baits available on the market. Personally, I prefer using plastic worms. I also like using spinner baits and crank baits.

Choosing the ideal lure and bait largely depends upon the type of fishing technique you would like to use. If you like to do power fishing, then you can go for crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Using fast retrieves, it can create reaction strikes that attract the bass towards it. For someone who is fond of finesse presentation, choosing more natural looking baits is the best option for catching bass.

The best baits that are available on the market are Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits and Plastic Worms. Spinnerbaits and Crankbaits can cover a large area in a short period of time. When spinnerbaits start their action, the bass will only see the movements from the blade and will come quickly to grab it. Crankbaits are versatile and is the perfect choice for various environments. I have a stock of various sizes of crankbaits, which will come handy when you are going to a big lake to catch some bass.

The most versatile and effective bass lure is the plastic worm. I am a huge fan of plastic worms and they are definitely the number one in my list of plastic worms. They look like live baits and because of that reason bass is attracted by them. The bass considers the plastic worm more as a natural food. There are numerous options for choosing the perfect plastic worms. You can get plastic worms in various sizes, colors, and designs.


When you are using plastic worm as a lure for fishing bass, you should choose the slow method of fishing. Plastic worm lure is not for those who prefer the fast way of fishing. I am not a huge fan of power fishing, therefore I love using plastic worm for fishing. When using plastic worm for fishing, I needed to show more patience. I always have to keep my line straight for getting better sensitivity.  When a bass gets hold of my plastic worm, I get a sensation on my hand and I use all my energy to keep hold of my rod and to keep my hook as straight as possible.

I also like to use live baits for catching bass whenever it is available. Bass are lovers of live bait and if I can get some nice, juicy earthworms, I can use them for catching bass.


RV GPS or RV phone app?

Ever since I have bought my Recreational Vehicle, I had been arguing over whether to buy an RV GPS or keep tracking the trips with my Smartphone app. Let me first discuss the benefits of an RV GPS.

  • RV GPS units are the gadget by many ardent RV travellers to find their way in  unknown and unvisited places since they come loaded with maps of various regions with little or no subscription fee. You will hardly be stranded anywhere.
  • RV GPSs are designed for a huge vehicle like an RV. Considering the weight and size of these vehicles the GPS will let you have complete information about right roads, repair shops, fuel refills, camping , parking, recreational activities, or restaurants.
  • It will also show you the correct paths to follow, by following the RV permitted roads and bridges to avoid unwanted accidents, blockages or traffic tickets.
  • You don’t require some elaborate setup on an RV GPS before you start using it.
  • You have to spend money on this RV accessory.
  • You have to keep the map database updated.


Now coming to an RV Phone app there are certain advantages as well as disadvantages Let me discuss both

  • The first advantage is cutting down on the expenses. You don’t need to buy any special gadget. You regular Smartphone will works as the guide when you download and setup an RV app.
  • The Smartphone come with limited display area. It may not fit the size or clarity requirements that you feel about display while driving a big RV.
  • You have to depend on a third party app. If the company changes its payment terms or facilities, you may feel stuck. I have seen many apps that promise huge deals at the time of signup but later when you get accustomed to the app, they start demanding exorbitant charges for the same services.
  • Since an app is not created for a special device like RV GPS it may have a different feel on different screen resolutions. It may not be supported by your device after some upgrade or version update.
  • You may have to spend a good amount of time in setting up this app for the specifications of your RV.

So according to my experience, I trust the RV GPS ( especially the ones with backup camera) rather than the RV phone app due to the technicalities and the special needs of an RV. If I enjoy the luxury of travelling in a home like an RV, I don’t hesitate to spend some extra bucks on this handy device for me and my family’s comfort.